STEAM Preschool

What is STEAM? STEAM education is a collaborative mix of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Our program uses this model to help your child be a better problem solver, a creative collaborator, and a thoughtful risk-taker. It is also key that we maintain a fun, play-based classroom environment. Children’s literature will be included daily along with an introduction to the Spanish language. 


STEAM education is all about inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician and PLAY LIKE A KID. It is a problem solving approach that aligns with their natural curiosity. 


Ages 3-5

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

1 day $120 per session

2 days $210/$200 members, per session

3 days $310/$320 members, per session

Our STEAM Art Academy follows the school year and runs September - End of May.  Registration for the 2021 school year will open up late summer.