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Estuary, 2021. Oil on canvas, 20x22.5 inches.

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Shoulder, 2021. Oil and mixed media on canvas, 46x52 inches.


Stumptown Art Studio is extremely excited to kick off this season of Whitefish Gallery Nights with an exhibition of recent paintings by our very own Christopher Otto:  A DIFFERENT KETTLE OF FISH.


In his recent work, Chris's immersive oil and mixed media paintings take a refreshing approach at representing the landscapes of Northwest Montana.  These highly pigmented and elaborately composed abstractions prioritize his desire to replicate the sensation of being in nature over its appearance. These paintings remind us that the nature we observe breathes with us, thanks us for putting down our phones, and rewards us for engaging longer. Chris's paintings rely on familiar, and inescapable tropes of the traditional landscape painting to give himself room to explore the limits of traditional media. Like the unceasing motion of the natural world, the space in these paintings seem to exist at once as intimate and vast, calm and chaotic, and random and systematic. Join us in entering the living, vivid, and wild world of Montanas beauty through the eyes and hands of our newest instructor.


Christopher Otto is a painter living in Whitefish, MT. He comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he completed his Studio Certificate and BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His work can often be found in group exhibitions in Philadelphia, but we are excited to host him for his Montana debut. When not in his Whitefish painting studio, building houses, or teaching, you can find him in the woods or water immersed in a life of fishing, foraging, camping, and cooking.

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